Update long in coming…

April 17, 2007

Well, the southern Ontario Orchid show is long past, but here are a few pics:

Southern Ontario Orchid Show

Southern Ontario Orchid Show

Southern Ontario Orchid Show

Southern Ontario Orchid Show

Southern Ontario Orchid Show - hairy dendrobium!


Poor, poor phal. Beta’s orchid finally flowered during the past fall/winter. That’s the good news.


The bad news is that in the effort to flower, it dropped ALL of its leaves!


It was because I had tried to bring my compost indoors for the winter. Unfortunately, it was colonised by some type of fungus gnats. New ones hatched every day, and the apartement’s windows were covered with them. They were fairly benign, but I think that they would try to eat the houseplants near the windows:


While unsuccessful at feeding on the plants, the little bites became infected with bacteria or fungi, which caused small pockmarks of dead tissue to form on the leaves. Some of the orchids were heavily affected (particularly Beta’s and some of the oncidiums). Here’s a before and after series:

Phalaenopsis flowering stem


The happy ending (I guess) is that there is a new leaf growing (its beginnings can be seen in the last picture). Here the effects on a few other orchids.



That is its last leaf. However, it has begun to form a new plant, but this one is at the end of one of the psuedobulbs, rather than at the base:


The beallara has been slowly growing two new plants (which were also hit by the infection):



And finally, this weekend is the Southern Ontario Orchid Society’s Orchid Show here in Toronto, will post some pictures!

New flowers on their way!

September 25, 2006

As promised, I have now taken a picture of what appears to be a flower spike starting on the phalaenopsis I got from Beta almost a year ago. Woo Whoo!

Phalaenopsis flowering stem

Beware the Spider!

September 25, 2006

Last week I picked up another ‘orphan’ orchid from a flowershop. It had finished blooming on its main stem, but I noticed that it was forming another flower stem. It is now in full bloom! What a cool orchid. Based on the flower, I believe it is a Brassia “Eternal Wind” Summer Dream, or a hybrid in the “Eternal Wind” group anyway.

Big Deals!

September 23, 2006

Just wanted to post some pictures of my orchid breeding experiment (that has not gone well…) and some updates first.

Well, Sweet Sugar is still flowering. I tried to self-pollinate it’s flowers, but it seems that I’m not going to be able to fool it – each flower that I pollinated has (after first morphing shape a bit) faded after a few days to a week later.

Here it is in full glory:

Sweet Sugar 1

Here’s a close up of an unpollinated flower, that hole is where the pollen is supposed to go:

Oncidium Flower 1

In other news, I bought another orphan, this time a spider orchid (Brassia “Eternal Wind” Summer Dream – I think based on the flower, not labeled). I’ll post a picture once I get some batteries for the camera.

And finally, Beta’s Orchid (the second one I got) has initiated a flower spike. It’s a wee little one yet, but I’ll try to get a picture of it as well. So now I have successfully gotten two orchids to flower (cross my fingers on that phal).

11. Yoga Orchid

September 5, 2006

The Yoga Orchid is probably a Beallara Peggy Ruth Carpenter “Morning Joy” – based on the flower. Jul is taking courses to become a yoga instructor, and the studio at which she is learning recently had a big clean up. Several orchids (not doing well) were to be thrown out or given away, and Jul brought this one home. It has lost all its leaves, but still has the pseudobulbs, and the roots look fine. A new shoot is forming, and when we got it, a flower spike with two buds had formed. I let one flower open (to ID the plant), but cut it off to lessen the stress on the plant. The cut flower was on our kitchen table now for two weeks in a glass of water and looked great for most of that period.


10. The Orphan

September 5, 2006

The Orphan is probably some sort of Miltonia – just guessing, as it has no label and has not flowered. At the flowershop was a table of $5 orchid plants that had finished blooming before they had been purchased. This guy looked reasonably healthy, so I picked it up. Since then, two new growths have appeared.

Miltonia ?

9. Jul’s Orchid

September 5, 2006

Jul’s Orchid was not labelled, but being in flower, I am guessing that it is Phalaenopsis Brother Fancy “Lung Ching”. Well, the 4th anniversary of our first kiss came on June 1st this year, so I gave Jul an orchid that for once was actually flowering. It has been flowering since then, only one bloom is now fading (2 months?!). A very fetching plant altogether.

7. Jul’s mom’s orchid

September 5, 2006

Jul’s mom’s orchid is another phalaenopsis, and another orchid being lovingly killed. Again, the likely culprit was decomposed potting medium. Since repotting it has been slowly recuperating. I recently repotted it again, this time into coconut husk chip based growing medium. I read a rave revue of the stuff, so I’ll see how this orchid does now. [note: about a month has passed since repotting…didn’t take to it right away, but seems to be sending out many new roots.]

Jul's mom's phalaenopsis

6. Aunt Marta’s orchid

September 5, 2006

Aunt Marta’s orchid is some sort of paphiopedilum. Jul’s aunt Marta is also an orchid fancier, and she graciously gave us an offset from one of her ladyslipper type orchids. It has been doing fine, two side-shoots have developed. I repotted into a coconut husk chip growing medium last month – it’s soil had decomposed to the point where it was starting to suffer. I’m monitoring it’s success in the new medium. [note: one of its original side-shoots has formed a side-shoot itself…?]

Aunt Marta's Paphiopedilum